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"To become
the Heart and Light of Christ
through Divine Communion"

the heart

Divine Communion with God and each other through prayer, worship and Community life

the light

To manifest and communicate God's love and presence, leading others into Divine Communion

Community Charter >>>

Cor et Lumen Christi Charter aspires to capture in a few short pages the heart of our calling from God. It builds upon our three key historical inspirations ...

Charism Statement

Divine Communion, which is an intimate union of love with God, is both the source and the fruit of the life and mission of Cor et Lumen Christi.

At the Transfiguration, the Trinitarian communion of love, always present in the heart of Jesus, is revealed. We too have access to this communion of love, above all in the Holy Eucharist which is the tabernacle of the Trinity - divine love and light in our midst. That is why the Eucharist is the heart of the community, just as it is the heart of the whole church.

With the Eucharist as our heart, we are seeking to build a spiritual extended family in which all the vocational states of life are at home. A community which lives a radical Christian vocation as a living prophetic sign. A place where Catholics can find harmony between: the charismatic life and social responsibility, community life and missionary outreach, joyful praise and worship and silent contemplation.

We endeavor to respond to a call from God to live an heroic vulnerability to the loving presence of our holy and beautiful Lord, and to live out what is, essentially, a prophetic vocation. We seek to encourage God's people in the glory of their vocation as "partakers in the divine nature" (2 Pet 1:4) that they might embrace the fullness of their baptismal inheritance through life in the Spirit and to enter deeply into the Divine Communion of love and light which is our God.

We seek to live out our mission in three simple ways:
  • Building praying communities around the Holy Eucharist which are a prophetic sign of the kingdom of God

  • Reaching out to others especially Catholics, to empower, encourage and equip them to live an intimate Divine Communion with God and realise their full baptismal inheritance through life in the Spirit

  • Identifying with, ministering to and sharing with the poor and needy