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Our Prophecy Training School includes teaching on:
  • Jesus the Prophet
  • Jesus' use of the prophetic gifts
  • Prophecy in the New Testament church
  • Prophecy in the history of the church
  • What prophecy can accomplish
  • Preparation for prophecy
  • Receiving Words of Knowledge
  • Inspiration and interpretation
  • Application
  • Methods of delivery
  • Dangers in Prophecy
  • Issues of timing in prophecy
  • Prophecy and authority
  • The need for prophecy today
Prophecy School

We believe that God wants to mobilise and equip His church and because of this, training - especially in the charisms is a developed aspect of our work. This has included workshops at conferences and retreats and "schools" at our community house and in other parts of the country.

"Their teaching was direct, cogent, spirit-filled and inspirational. Our vision has been consequently reinvigorated. Thanks a lot Cor et Lumen Christi." - Ronan, Ireland

Prophetic Ministry Workshops
The community provides teaching and training so that the prophetic gifts including Words of Knowledge will grow in the church to become dynamic but exercised with wisdom and charity.

At critical moments in history Prophecy has played a unique role in calling people back to God. With so many false prophets abroad today, we must restore Prophecy to its right place in the life of local communities as well as at national and international level.

"Earnestly desire spiritual gifts especially that you may prophesy"

1 Cor 14:1