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Members of the community renew their commitments, praise and worship and silent Adoration

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The spirituality of Cor et Lumen Christi has been influenced and inspired by several streams within the church ...

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Our Community Life

There are two expressions within the community: Community of Life - members who live together in the community house - and The Companions of the Heart - members who live out in their own homes. Members make formal commitments to the community initially for one year but after they have been a member for three years they can then make a four year commitment and receive the community cross.

Community of Life
- The Community of Life are the members who live together in the community house. They live out the Rule and values of Cor et Lumen Christi in a residential way, sharing a common life of prayer cantered around the Blessed Sacrament and praying the Divine Office of the church each day. They mostly work full-time for the community serving its mission of prayer and apostolic outreach providing a centre for prayer, worship, training and ministry, and sharing a common purse and table. They seek to be a sign of contradiction through their life style. We live on Providence relying on donations for our life and mission. Members of the Community of Life may be single, married or families. We are open to the possibility of single consecrated and priestly vocations.

The Companions of the Heart
- The Companions of the Heart are members of the community who live out the Rule and values of Cor et Lumen Christi in the nonresidential expression. Like the residential members, the Companions of the Heart may be single or married people of all ages. They live in their own homes, which they may share with other members of the community. In choosing their own occupations, they serve the community's mission to be a sign by their presence in the world and are committed to the community through a common life of prayer, ministry and fellowship, and attend the various meetings throughout the month.

Following the inspiration of the early Church we gather weekly for teaching, prayer, praise and worship, fellowship and regularly have times of Adoration and the celebration of the Eucharist. We seek to make disciples and share the good news in the power of the Holy Spirit.

"They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." Acts 2:42

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