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"Scripture brought me to the gates of Paradise and the mind stood in wonder as it entered."

Holy Mass

Following the teachings

Praise and Worship


The Living Word

The Living Word: A course to unlock the riches of the Bible and enable participants to deepen their communion with the loving God who is revealed in the Sacred Scriptures. Teaching at the conference draws upon the documents of the Church and the wisdom of Christian Saints. Courses have included teaching on:

  • the nature of revelation;
  • on the God who is revealed: Father, Son and Spirit;
  • God's covenant with us;
  • The Prophets;
  • The Gospels;
  • ...and much more.

In addition to the teaching there is a focus on times of ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit; inspirational Praise and Worship; Holy Mass and; Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Some testimonies from The Living Word

"The weekend was inspiring and informative;"

"The ministry was very beautiful and the Lord touched my life in a fantastic way which...has already made a terrific difference"

"This weekend has impacted me deeply and richly with a greater love for the Scriptures and the teaching of the Church"

"I found the course very helpful - it has given me a new insight into the way I read Scripture and desire to experience it as the living word of God"

"I loved the music ministry - it really helped to give praise to the Lord and feel his presence"