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"Prayer is the doorway through which God's greatest gifts enter the soul"

St. Teresa of Avila

"Spiritual joy arises from purity of heart and perseverance in prayer"

St. Francis of Assisi

The Cor et Lumen Christi Prayer School
is for anyone who wants to grow closer to God in prayer. We share inspiring and practically helpful insights from some of the greatest teachers on prayer. Each day includes teaching and practical sessions and quiet times with plenty of opportunities for questions. The course includes the topics:

  • praying with scripture - gaining revelation and going deeper
  • praying the office
  • contemplative prayer
  • stages in prayer, dryness, recollection
  • praying with icons
  • the Jesus Prayer (the power of His name)
  • praying with creation
  • praying with the Eucharist

The course runs over four days 10pm - 3pm at our community house. See the Events section or Contact us for more details and dates for the next Prayer Schools.

Testimonies from previous Prayer Schools

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Cor et Lumen Christi Prayer School. The sessions were well planned and the teaching was informative and entertaining. It has helped me put into words many of my own experiences and given me practical techniques to further develop a loving relationship with the Lord." - Bob Harold, Surrey (May 2001)

"The Prayer School exceeded my high expectations concerning the excellent content and information about prayer and how to pray."

"However, I was very surprised to experience such a change in myself by the end of the week. God touched me in a new and special way through the week, revealing His peace to me. This peace has stayed with me in that I find I am much more able to come into His presence when praying and can reconnect with Him during the day more easily. I feel more recollected and less distracted. I feel God has shown me how he wants me to pray at this time, which is what I wanted, so that my prayer would be more fruitful. I have really noticed a difference in my prayer and in my life." - Cathy Fava, Cumbria (July 2001)

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