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Freed from wheelchair

Healed of epilepsy

Stick no longer needed

Deaf ear opened

Blindness healed

Fractured bone healed

Cancer totally healed

"Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses."

Lk 5:15

"Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it."

Mark 16:20
How the Lord has touched people's lives

We find it a privilege to live and work for the Lord as a community. When planning this site, we felt that we wanted it to be a witness and give testimony to what He has done and how he has touched people's lives:

"Almost two years ago, I was celebrating Easter down in Ilfracombe at the Celebrate conference. It was a miracle that I was there for my health had been deteriorating over the last five years.
At the time, I was using a wheelchair and the pain in my back would not subside however many different cocktails of analgesics the various doctors prescribed. Nights became sleepless and days became a blur of semiconscious due to the strength of the drugs."

"... As I was being prayed with someone placed their hand on my spine. I could feel heat radiating from my spine throughout my whole body. I was then urged to try and stand up. With fear I arose to find the jolt of pain which usually accompanied every movement was gone. Afraid at first I began to walk to the other end of the giant hall. With each step I felt stronger, eventually running around the sports hall and up the steps to the stage. For years I had not walked more than a few steps at a time, without the use of a frame. A lift had been installed in my home as I couldn't manage to climb stairs, but here I was in no pain at all."

Thomas Menamparampil, Archbishop of Guwahati

"Mr. Damian preached a retreat for us with his companion Leslie. We found his sermons inspiring and his healing service most helpful. Some of the healings were exceptionally moving. I wish his ministry all success."

Lynne, Rochdale
"Today, almost two years later, I am still free from the crippling pain that tied me to a wheelchair."

"I have had a (fixed) lazy left eye since birth. After prayer I felt my field of vision had increased by 25 percent. Praise and thanks to Jesus."

"I have received physical and inner healing, and received a great prophecy which has deeply touched me. I thank God for the ministry and people of the Cor et Lumen Christi Community".

"God used me as an instrument as part of the healing of a lady's shoulder pain after which she was discharged from her physiotherapist. This increased my confidence that God does want to use me."

"When a participant prophesied to me, she went straight to the heart of the despair I was experiencing, and assured me that Jesus is right there guiding me ... I had never met her before this course and Jesus used her to bring these words of comfort to me. WOW!!"

"At a time when I was growing complacent with the stage that I was at in my spiritual gifting, this school really fired me up and challenged my opinions and actions about the charismatic gifts."

"I loved the clear teaching and the conviction with which it was given."

"I arrived nervous, unsure and guilty but go away free, blessed and ready!"

Bob, Surrey
"Cor et Lumen Christi taught and ministered on our Alpha Holy Spirit day. There I was filled with the Holy Spirit and that has transformed my life completely."

"Cor et Lumen Christi have given me a new discovery of God's love."

Two enclosed Cistercian Sisters
"Cor et Lumen Christi have been an incredible help in my spiritual life."

Child, aged 5
"That's the best Mass I have ever been to."

"At your conference I experienced the reality of the Eucharist for the very first time."

"I experienced the real presence of Jesus during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, for the first time in my life."

Healing of Nyla Leipold - God's Joyfull Runner Read article here.

Testimonies from Filip Course

"I came to the Filip Course with concrete goals in mind and I HAVE ACHIEVED them. I have met the Father, I know He loves me. The role-plays and talks have allowed me to understand what I had heard somewhere, sometime: that God is merciful, God is love. I surrendered my life, experiences, wounds to Him, and I am leaving this place as a different, NEW person. Completely changed. Tomorrow I am starting a new life. My old self has died... and a new one has been born. Thanks and God bless."

"God loves me as I am, with all my sins, vices and I will not give up, I will fight to remain His child"

"I have received an inner freedom in giving glory to God"

"as of today Jesus is on the throne of my life"

"God has come to me in the power of His Spirit and filled me with His presence"

"It was an enormous experience for me to be able to pray in tongues"

"I have realised that life with Jesus is easier because He gives us strength to overcome all difficulties"