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"I am delighted that the Cor et Lumen Christi Community are in the Diocese of Lancaster. I am happy to commend their ministry of witness and service. They have my encouragement, support and prayer."

The bishop emeritus of our diocese, Bishop Patrick

Some of our members
with the Bishop

Prayer in the chapel

St Cuthbert's House

The nearby Lake District

Praise & Worship


Praise & Worship

Conference Room

Celebrate with us: St Cuthbert’s Has a New Roof!

St Cuthbert’s and
Cor et Lumen Christi Community

St Cuthbert’s was the first religious house to be built in Cumberland after the Reformation. It was abandoned in the early 1990’s and Cor et Lumen Christi bought the building in 2001. Since then we have been bringing the building back into use.

The Roof
After a few years of fundraising we can now celebrate and thank God for a new roof over the house. This was possible only through God's grace and your prayer and financial support. This year we completed the work on the roof and can say that the building is watertight.

The Story
We started the first phase of fundraising in 2016 and in 2017 we finished the first stage of roof replacement over the conference room wing. We continued with the inner garden side of the roof covering the guest rooms and a flat where one of our three families live. This stage was a bit longer than we expected but it got completed in 2018. In autumn 2019 we started another round of fundraising to cover the cost of the last stage of roof replacement. We received all the necessary funds in January 2020 and we started the last stage the same month. All work had to stop in April when the country went to a lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The works have resumed at end of April and in May all was finished.

Your generosity was really astonishing. We received donations of various sums from £5 to £16,000.

There were dozens of generous individuals, families and organisations which helped us and donated money. As an example: One family gave us £10.000 and one benefactor pledged to match every pound up to £16,000, which effectively doubled every pound given up to that sum.

The price of the whole roof replacement over the period of 4 years was £107,000. The last stage was £52,000 including gutters. God blessed us and we received this sum in a period of less than 4 months!!!

What's Next
First of all we want to thank our good God for all His help and blessings that we received. Also we want to thank you for your support in prayer and financial generosity.
Please pray that our calling and mission will bear rich fruit for the Kingdom of God.

For more details please contact us at:

Email: stcuthberts@coretlumenchristi.org
Phone: 016973 45623

St Cuthbert's The Old Convent
Cumbria CA7 9HU

Members of the Community and Mission Fellowship receive ongoing formation and we have a committed group of people who are growing in relationship with God and each other.

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